Foreign student admission guideline

Government of Bangladesh sets the rules and procedures of admission of foreign students to all public and private medical colleges within its territory. Following are the steps that you need take if youwant to get admitted into Ibn Sina Medical College(ISMC).
1. If you have the passport of a country having diplomatic relationship with Bangladesh you can apply for admission in MBBS course (Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery) in one of the public or private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.
2. Youmust have 12 years of schooling, and your grades must have to be matched (Equivalecy) with the Bangladeshi counterpart- SSC (Secondary School Certificate) & HSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate).
3. Your eligibility criteria for admission to MBBS course:
a. O-level (Equivalent to SSC) certificate: Minimum 5 subjects
b. A-level (Equivalent to HSC) Certificate: Must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
c. USA 12 grade completion certificate: Must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
d. Minimum GPA (After equivalency with SSC & HSC)= 7 (seven)
e. Minimum GPA in Biology= 3.5
4. You have to undertake the following steps if you decided to get admitted into ISMC.
a. Get the photocopies of the following documents attested from the foreign ministry of your country.
i. School/College graduation certificates
ii. Mark/grade sheet
iii. School leaving certificate (Testimonial)
iv. Copy of Passport
v. Two passport size photographs of applicant
b. Download ‘MBBS admission form’ from the websiteof Bangladesh Foreign Ministry (www. mofa.gov.bd) and fill it up. You must mention your medical college of choice.
c. Pay $60 (Subject to change) in any bank of your country in favor of DGHS and get the receipt. (For more info. visit www.dghs.gov.org)
d. Deposit your attested documents, bank receipt and filled admission form to Bangladesh Embassy of your country for processing of Grade Equivalency and permission from Government of Bangladesh. You can do this job by yourself or by an agent.
e. Send copies of your certificates, mark sheets, passport and a letter of intention to Bangladesh Medical College office (Email or post) for advance booking of your seat.
5. Having received the permission letter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and grade equivalency of your certificates, ISMC office would inform you and proceed with your admission.

6. Fees for Foreign Students
At the time of admission - $23000
1st & 2nd year (4000x2) - $8000
3rd & Final year (3000x2) - $6000

Govt. Charge- $1000

Total= $38000

The University examination fees are separate.
During which 5 years total Four University Professional examination will held and approximately fees (100x4-$400.0).
Food & others personal expenses are excluded.

Local Students

1. Students pasing in S.S.C 2013-2014 or after H.S.C 2015-2016 Session with total GPA of 9 but minimum GPA 3.5 in biology of HSC are eligible to appear for admission 2017-2018 session.
2. Local students admission fees and other condition are as govement policy.

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